3 Things You Should Understand Before You Go Looking for Love

It’s going to be hard. I mean really, really hard

Romance is a pretty big commitment in of itself even before there are even any signs of marriage. The real trick is to stick to your guns and take everything fate has in store for you and your SO – it’s all natural and character building. This shouldn’t be taken as just a warning against external factors that may ruin a blossoming romance, there are plenty of self-induced failings that can lead to ruin.

One must accept the fact that there will be low points to contrast the high ones and that these low points are unavoidable so a romance must be braced against them. Not everyone is ready for love just yet and they mostly don’t know they’ll be but rest assured if you’ve accepted that love is more than just enjoying its benefits, you’re surely on the right track to getting there.

Be Honest, Looking for Love is About Your Needs

We’ve idealized love and romance so much in the media, in our culture and in our own interactions that we forget that it’s just an evolutionary adaptation to get two people to mate and procreate. Now, this straight-up bold-face view on love may not be what someone want to hear as some will insist that their love, at least, is real and is unique because it’s not about the sex. Let me tell you, it most assuredly is.

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See, gay couples, lesbian couples and such may not seem to have fallen in love for the purposes of procreation but they are the outliers, as the standard heterosexual relationship is triggered by chemical reactions in the brain. What this means is that love is primarily a selfish act as we seek our own gratification and sexual validation from the very act of seeking a partner.

Two people who engage in a relationship are merely engaging in fulfilling each other’s needs mutual so that both parties benefit from buying girlfriend activation system. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t elevate romance to such heights, it just means by accepting the honest truths about it, we are more ready for it than most others.

There’s a Big Chance You’re Going to Fail

As with number one of this list, this one is a reality we tend to gloss over due to the romance-goggles. When you’re in the heat of the moment you tend to forget all inhibitions and go head-first into whatever you’ve set your mind to. Love is no different as our capacity for logical decision-making can be suppressed by the amount of euphoric bliss our brain is currently experiencing.

No matter how much our current partner seems like to be “The One” we must be grounded in logic in our life decisions that would affect us adversely like insurance and property right if ever a relationship fails. We don’t wish to have a romance go sour on us but we must certainly entertain plans for just in case it does.